Something to think about!

1.   A third of Invites in most cases will not be able to come even if they say are coming to your event.

2.   Invite more people

3.   Charity events are normally well attended

4.   Avoid to many chairs and tables you can always add them.

5.   Avoid empty space in the middle of a hall...... half circle around stage/disco/other

6.   Food (too much is a waste)

7.   Uncover food when ready to serve (Double ups, save til needed)

8.   Kids partys keep to 2 hours max (they will wear you out lol)

9.   Best time to invite friends and family is from is 7.30pm

10.  Between 8.30 and 9pm you should know how many people will be attending.

11. Sunday afternoon Birthday/Family Gathering work very well

Hope this helps.